chapter  Chapter 4
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The Japanese Food Distribution System

WithRaymond A. Jussaume

The structure of the food distribution system in Japan is complex and difficult to analyze. It is subsequently infeasible to make any useful generalizations about the Japanese food distribution system. Individual farmers are able, either directly or through local agricultural cooperatives, to sell produce at any wholesale auction market in Japan. Thus, it is important to understand how the domestic marketing system for fresh produce works in Japan. The Sakidori system also benefits producers and shippers who find it easier to send entire shipments to a single marketplace, like the Ota market, instead of dividing up the shipment and sending it to different local wholesale markets in a city. In addition to changes occurring within the Japanese food distribution system, there is some being made without. The growth of the Sanchoku movement is an indication that one of the biggest forces promoting change in the Japanese food distribution system in the future will be changes in pattern of consumer demand.