chapter  Chapter 6
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The Japanese Market for Beef Products

WithDavid Youmans

In the years prior to 1988, American beef producers became all too familiar with a climate of restrictive practices in the Japanese marketplace that not only severely limited foreign access to that market but also created and sustained unreasonably high retail prices for Japanese consumers of beef products. At that time Iowa Beef Processors disclosed that while only 3 percent of their chilled boxed-beef was destined for the Japanese market, fully 11 percent of their total beef products were so shipped. If there is a single perception which should send America and Washington State some unmistakable signals, it is that Australia is perfectly capable of producing well-marbled, grain-fed beef, is doing so, actively promotes it on the Japanese market, and fully intends to compete in that now less-restrictive-quality-beef import market. Documentable practice changes have taken place at two Washington packing plants with respect to increasing the shelf life of beef products on the Japanese market.