chapter  Chapter 9
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An Overview of the Washington and Japanese Wine Markets

WithSuzanne Callender, Raymond J. Folwell

It is interesting to note that Washington has been in the top five per capita consumption states since 1983. While the in-state market share held by Washington producers has increased to 16 percent in 1990, it is increasing in a shrinking market. Washington's wine industry has some characteristics that set it apart from all other wine areas in the US In 1987, Washington produced 3.9 million gallons of wine, about 0.8 percent of total US production. Washington could build a reputation distinct from the US image and present itself as the premium wine region in the US The first, and foremost, is building an image of Washington wines within the Japanese market. The majority of the wineries in Washington State are probably not big enough to deal with brokers on an individual basis. Washington State stands in a good position to penetrate the Japanese market.