chapter  Chapter 6
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Anatomical Studies

WithL. D. Kapoor

The anatomical structure of the peduncle presents usually with four to five vascular bundles in Papaver dubium L. and P. somniferum L. Cortex is narrow, component cells generally with cellulose walls, becoming hollow. One of the most interesting anatomical features is the tendency for the vascular bundles in a few species to be scattered. However, many forms of coagulated finely granular latex resemble coagulated protoplasm or their remains but no anatomical evidence could be seen. The nature of the protoplast of laticifers has been imperfectly investigated and according to Esau, its study is as difficult as that of the sieve element protoplast. Anatomical evidence for the presence of laticifers, specially in some organs of the plants, viz. growing seedlings or floral parts (especially in stamens), has altogether been lacking. Phytochemical work for the presence or absence of alkaloids in these organs has been done mostly on a qualitative basis.