chapter  Chapter Ten
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In the shadow of the Obersalzberg: the daughter of an SS officer

WithHorst Kächele

A thirty-two-year-old female patient, a psychologist working at a consultation centre, had applied for psychoanalytic training two years ago and been rejected. During the following months she felt humiliated by this experience and it got even worse when a colleague of hers, whom she’d known from when she was a student, was admitted; it struck her all the more as he was a very mediocre character in her opinion. Everything started when she left a German city where she had “a wonderful time with her friends”. She moved as her husband’s professional career led them to a small town not very far from Ulm. In the city, when she was a psychology major, she had many erotic and sexually gratifying relationships with men, later including her husband. The relationship between her mother and father deteriorated quickly. The man, castrated in all respects, was not able to satisfy the unfulfilled hunger of the immature mother.