chapter  Chapter Thirteen
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Attachment in students from cities of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

WithTatjana Stefanović Stanojević, Jasmina Nedeljković

The founder of attachment theory was an English psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, John Bowlby. Defined in accordance with the problem is also the expectation that the distribution of the attachment patterns acquired from the sample of young people who grew up in adverse, that is, transitional conditions, will differ from the distributions acquired in the more suitable circumstances in foreign research. By comparing the results with those from foreign research, authors tried to reach the attachment patterns using cluster analysis. The non-hierarchical K-means method was applied, within which the authors defined four clusters due to the existing four attachment patterns. However, the percentage of people with fearful attachment is higher than usual, and the percentage of the avoidant attachment is lower than the expected and already has acquired distributions.