chapter  Chapter Twenty-Two
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Hostility and empathy in adolescence as predictors of aggressive, prosocial, and avoidant behaviour

WithSvetlina Koleva

Aggression and bullying at school are serious contemporary problems that have provoked a wide range of research. Any form of violence from one group towards another has long-term effects in society. The history of Bulgarian society is a history of a totalitarian regime and social suppression of one group of people due to ideological differences. The phenomenon of school aggression could be viewed also from that perspective, namely as an after-effect of prior violence, which is reproduced at any level of interpersonal relations. This chapter focuses on reactions in conflict situations in the school environment. Being a victim of bullying is a chronic stressor that often results in traumatic responses. Results obtained suggest that aggressive behaviour in adolescence could be predicted by hostility. This, together with impulsivity, showed direct effect on predicting aggression.