chapter  Chapter Three
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Psychological theory and therapy of traumatic memory

WithSabina Alispahić

Traumatic memories became an important topic in contemporary life as a result of the mass trauma of 9/11, the ongoing war against terrorism, and ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which have led to an increased incidence of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in returning military personnel. To fully understand the neuropsychology of traumatic memories, it is important to explain the body's chemical responses and memory functions. This chapter describes some of the concepts and terms that are important for further understanding of psychological theory of traumatic memory. Cognitive behavioural therapy is often presented as the therapy of choice for treating trauma. The newest example of mindfulness-based therapy for traumatic memories is trauma interventions using mindfulness-based extinction/reconsolidation, a translational mindfulness-based psychotherapy for PTSD, which was developed by Pradhan, Gray, Parikh, Akkireddi, & Pumariega.