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Sedgeford: Excavations of a Rural Settlement in Norfolk

WithSophie Cabot, Gareth Davies, Rik Hoggett

The Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project’s (SHARP) remit is the study of the full extent of human settlement and land use within the parish of Sedgeford, NW. Norfolk. The Norfolk Research Committee evaluated the site and limited excavations identified the existence of a Middle or Late Anglo-Saxon inhumation cemetery. Jewell’s excavation was never fully published, but SHARP was fortunate enough to obtain his notes and a draft excavation report before his death in 1998. The earliest phase is represented by large quantities of residual late Iron-age pottery (Belgic-type wares) and by one or two datable Iron-age features. Within Norfolk most of the sites that might, like Sedgeford, fit into the emerging class of ‘productive’ sites, are unexcavated. East Anglia has a large number of Scandinavian place-names, which Margeson has argued are the most concrete testimony of the Vikings’ presence in Norfolk.