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Early Medieval Coinage and Urban Development: A Norwegian Experience

WithJon Anders Risvaag, Axel Christophersen

This chapter focuses on the coinage and coin finds of Trondheim, Norway, c. A.D. 995-1100. It also focuses on the topography of early Trondheim and a spatial analysis of the distribution of coins within the town, in order to explore their possible functions. The chapter discusses the coins themselves, both coins from finds and local coin-production, in order to explore mechanisms in early urban and monetary development. The urban connexion in this case need not be the early medieval town, but rather the modern. Kings Olav Tryggvason and Olav Haraldsson issued the earliest Norwegian coins. There is a general agreement that issues were of little or no importance within the state of Norway. During the reign of Harald Hardrade the volume of Norwegian coin increased dramatically. Given the itinerant nature of the medieval Norwegian kingship, there may not have been permanent mint workshops in Norway at all prior to the 13th century.