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Two Viking Hoards from the Former Island of Wieringen (The Netherlands) : Viking Relations with Frisia in an Archaeological Perspective

WithJan Besteman

The Viking silver hoards found on the former island of Wieringen in the Netherlands are spectacular finds which have aroused interest in Viking archaeology, which had never previously had a firm footing in the Dutch archaeological tradition. From 872 to 892 a large Viking army, partly on horseback, wreaked havoc far from its ships in northern West Francia and Lotharingen. Frisian participation in Viking attacks is perhaps evidenced by the raid in northern England carried out by Vikings from the Scheldt under a Frisian leader in 866 and 877. The many radiocarbon dates from the excavations indicate that there is good reason to assume that the construction of all fortresses started the 9th century which is confirmed by other historical and archaeological evidence. The chances of the development of a Danish equivalent of Normandy in West Frisia were definitely over.