chapter  Chapter 9
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Advances in Polymer-Supported Solution Synthesis of Oligosaccharides

WithJiri J. Krepinsky

Oligosaccharides can be efficiently synthesized using poly(ethylene glycol) monomethylether (MPEG)-supported methodology employing both the succinoyl diester linker and the α,α’-DiOxyXylyl diether (DOX) linker. The latter allows more flexibility in reaction conditions than the former. After the oligosaccharide has been completed, either the entire MPEG-DOX support can be removed, or MPEG alone can be removed. This results in the formation of a p-tolylmethyl group (TM) protecting the carbohydrate hydroxyl to which MPEG-DOX was originally bound. MPEG of MW 5,000 and 12,000 is suitable and the method is exemplified by syntheses of oligosaccharides up to decasaccharides.