chapter  1
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Trust, life satisfaction and opinions on immigration in 15 European countries

ByIneke Stoop, Jeroen Boelhouwer, Gerbert Kraaykamp

Information on how people live and how they cope, the degree to which they trust institutions and one another, and how they feel about their society, is of key importance in assessing impact of social, economic and cultural changes. The availability of this data prompted production of this short English-language report, which includes an update of a comparison of Dutch citizens with other Europeans on issues of trust and life satisfaction. Additionally, large number of migrants are entering Europe, and this is having considerable impact on social conditions, and presumably on attitudes, opinions and beliefs. More recent European Social Survey data have now become available for 15 countries, extending the time span to 2015 and also including detailed new information on attitudes in European countries towards immigrants. Greenslade, R. describes how the images of drowned boy in Turkey drastically increased positive humanitarian newspaper stories on migration immediately after the photographs were published in some European countries but not in others.