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Highlights in the history of research on freshwater Anostraca Crustacea in North America

WithRalph W. Dexter

A. S. Packard Jr. published a monograph on the phyllopod Crustacea of North America, giving an outline of their general biology and reviewing all North American species to date. Daday produced the first comprehensive, systematic monograph for the Anostraca, including all North American species known up to that time. Many authors have described in more or less detail the life history and general ecology of freshwater Anostraca. Related to life history and ecological studies of the Anostraca is the intriguing problem of hatching of the eggs. Hay & Hay showed at an early date the difficulty of hatching cysts of E. vernalis and the importance of periodic drying as a stimulant for a successful hatch, but contrary to common belief, showed that freezing was not necessary, although helpful.