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Two centuries of larval crab papers: Apreliminary analysis

WithA.L. Rice

Bibliometric analysis of the scientific literature has become very fashionable in recent years; whole teams of bibliometricians make a living from it and the results of their analyses, particularly citation indices, are used to assess the success or otherwise of individual scientists, research institutions, or major programs. This chapter identifies some of the general trends in the published literature on the larval stages of brachyuran crabs. It attempts a broader chronological coverage, but a much simpler analysis of all of the larval literature on one relatively small group, the brachyuran crabs. The chapter describes the morphology of the larval stages of a species that was reared in the laboratory and also reporting ancillary data on the larval survival in various temperature and salinity conditions would be classified primarily under ‘morphology,’ with a secondary classification under ‘ecology,’ and finally under ‘rearing.’.