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Toward the history of pre-Linnean carcinology in Brazil

WithMarcos S. Tavares

Space constraints necessitated the omission of some details concerning the Dutch period in Brazil, and only relevant bibliographical details are given. The works reviewed herein represent the most important documents concerning pre-Linnean carcinology in Brazil However, it is possible that additional information will come to light from paintings of the period, other than those of the artists of Nassau-Siegen. Albertin and Whitehead & Boeseman provided a list of further iconographic sources concerning the period and the author looked at those which could possibly relate to carcinology. More than 50 years later the French made a second attempt at settlement which was also unsuccessful but similarly resulted in two useful publications on Brazilian natural history. The aims of the Dutch investigators in Brazil were in all ways completely different from those of earlier explorers and missionaries, as they intended to produce a detailed document on the teal natural history.