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The beginning of Portuguese carcinology

WithCarlos Almaça

The University of Coimbra was reorganized in 1772, and scientific studies, including the study of natural history, were introduced into the curriculum. Vandelli himself published a list of Portuguese fauna and flora, which also included Brazilian species. The Portuguese began overseas scientific expeditions in 1783. In that year four naturalists left Lisbon, each to explore a separate Portuguese territory: Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira to Brazil, Joao da Silva Feijo to the Cape Verde Islands, Joaquim Jose da Silva to Angola, and Manuel Galvao da Silva to Mozambique. Carcinology has been one of the main concerns of the Museu de Lisbon. At the Zoological Museum of the University of Coimbra, Manuel Paulino d' Oliveira made a brief appearance in carcinology with the description of Maja goltziana in 1888. Still in the 19th century, Augusto Nobre started his work in carcinology at the zoological museum of the University of Porto.