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Studies on decapod crustaceans of the Pacific coast of the United States and Canada

WithJohn S. Garth, Mary K. Wicksten

The California Academy of Sciences and other scientific institutions received many specimens from amateur naturalists along the coast. Dr. Henry Hemphill of San Diego was an enthusiastic collector of mollusks and crustaceans at the turn of the century. Percy S. Bamhart, director of the Venice Marine Biological Station, the forerunner of the marine science center of the University of Southern California, was a particularly active collector who sent specimens from the coasts of Los Angeles and Orange counties as well as Santa Catalina Island. The most extensive collecting efforts prior to World War II were those of the Velero HI, sponsored by Captain G. Allan Hancock and involving biologists from the University of Southern California and the Smithsonian Institution. M. K. Wicksten, who studied under J. S. Garth at the University of Southern California, examined specimens at the Allan Hancock Foundation and the Smithsonian Institution and included them in accounts of the caridean faunas of the Gulf of California and Galapagos Islands.