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A correspondence between Martin Burkenroad and Libbie Hyman: Or, whatever did happen to Libbie Hyman’s lingerie

WithFrederick R. Schram

In sorting through the papers of Martin Burkenroad while incorporating them into the archives of the San Diego Society of Natural History, I discovered an exchange of correspondence between Burkenroad and Libbie Hyman extending from about 1934 to 1963. Neither Burkenroad nor Hyman suffered fools lightly, yet the letters between them clearly reveal a warm human side to both their personalities. Hyman acted as a mentor to Burkenroad, encouraging him to pursue a doctoral degree and take a ‘high road’ in his dealings with other scientists. Burkenroad had some influence on Hyman’sfocus on flatworm research and provided encouragement and advice in the initial stages of writing The Invertebrates.