chapter  6
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Rock Fans’ Experiences of the Ageing Body: Becoming More ‘Civilized’

WithLucy Gibson

This chapter explores the changing nature of ageing rock fans’ behaviour during gigs and concerts, with a specific focus on embodied practices. The evidence demonstrates how rock fans have modified their behaviour, which has become increasingly refined and less concerned with the popular discourse surrounding the reckless ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ lifestyle, in conjunction with processes of growing older and bodily ageing. The chapter discusses the embodiment and corporeality, shapes and impacts on older fans’ participation in rock music scenes. The longevity of rock music and the multitude of styles that have been categorized under the hyponym of rock mean that accurately defining what constitutes the genre is a difficult task. The chapter draws on data sources to illustrate how the ageing body has shaped a sample of self-defined ‘older’ rock music fans’ involvement in rock music culture.