chapter  9
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“We’re Fine at Home”: Young People, Family and Low Fertility in Spain

ByCarrie B. Douglass

This chapter explains about the young people, family and low fertility in Spain and young people's understanding of their roles in the phenomenon of declining birthrates. It describes also the Spain’s history of fertility, fieldwork project, political changes, the gender role and other social changes and economic causes. It wasn't until the end of the 1990s when the media began announcing the low fertility statistics, and their possible implications, that the general public, somewhat stunned, began to notice them and become aware of the change in the Spanish family structure that they had wrought. Unemployment, coupled with low salaries and unaffordable housing, are arguments inevitably invoked to explain why the majority of young people in Spain continue living at home with their natal families until their thirties. The chapter also explores the phenomenon of adult children living at home in Spain and proposes it as one of the interesting and differentiating characteristics of Spanish low fertility.