chapter  12
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Re-presenting Hopis: Indigenous Responses to the Ethnographic Interview

WithNick McCaffery

This chapter engages with recent ideas around the concept of an ‘interview society’ and explores idea that the interview has become one of the contexts through which an authentic cultural identity can be articulated. The notoriety surrounding us ‘anthros’ at Hopi is easy to explain. The idea of anthropological investigation does not sit well at Hopi and one reason for this is the difference between wanting to know something and being entitled to know something. In the face of so many local claims to the inauthentic nature of New Age representations, it became one of the author aims to explore local ideas of an authentic Hopi identity. There were clearly at least two truths circulating about authentic Hopi identity. Hopi life has changed a good deal over time, but there are still a variety of cultural features that seemed to be recognizably ‘Hopi’ about the people that the author worked with.