chapter  4
The Empirical Approach to the Study of Media Framing
ByJames W.Tankard, Jr.
Pages 11

Like other concepts of mass communication research, the term framing has also appeared in popular discourse-particularly that of media critics, politicians, and campaign insiders. For instance, linguistics scholar and media critic Noam Chomsky used the term in an interview discussing New York Times coverage of the crisis in Kuwait prior to the Gulf War (Szykowny, 1990). Chomsky argued that the Times story framed an offer by Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait in a way that trivialized the offer. Media critic David Shaw of The Los Angeles Times used the word frame in a discussion of news coverage of abortion (Shaw, 1990). Shaw noted that “the very language used to frame the abortion debate in much of the media implicitly favors the abortion rights advocates” (p. C1).