chapter  18
Futuristic Foodways: The Metaphorical Meaning of Food in Science Fiction Film
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Both food and science fiction have been of particular interest to cultural critics in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. In their different ways, they provide meaning and interpretation of the world at large, illuminating social, national, and even global structures, agencies, and order (or more often, disorder). In addition, critical inquiry into both subjects reflects changes and traditions in the quotidian habits that inform our lives. And both are useful cites to investigate the relationship between social function and individual existence, as it becomes, in a postmodern sense, more obscure and remote, more complex and more pressing. Food and science fiction provide a valuable means of understanding the link between the individual and controlling powers around her/him, often because of their ongoing concerns with the body and with technology. Food already links the external with the internal as far as the body is concerned, and has itself been subject to all manner of technological processes. Technological advancement (or deterioration) of machines, computers, and the body has long been seen as an index for social, cultural, and even political change, and science fiction has served as an insightful reflector (to say nothing of catalyst) of such change.