chapter  9
Queer politics and anti-blackness
ByMorgan Bassichis, Dean Spade
Pages 20

This chapter explores the implications of Sextons critique of anti-blackness within the domain of contemporary gay and lesbian rights politics within the US, as two white activist-scholars invested in advancing and centring anti-racism within queer and trans political work. White gay and lesbian politics must remain silent on anti-black racism, must position itself as anything but black, to keep its place in line for the future. The assessment that the strategic error in the anti-Proposition campaign was a lack of black voter education and mobilization misunderstands the relationship between non-black gay and lesbian politics and black politics. We have attempted to illustrate how the cultural politics defending white gay and lesbian reproduction is enabled by the ongoing exclusion of black people from the future. White gay and lesbian rights advocates and the lawyers who lead their charge consistently analogize the gay and lesbian rights struggle to the black civil rights movement.