chapter  4
“Confu-talk”: the use of Confucian concepts in contemporary Chinese foreign policy: Valérie Niquet
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In recent years the propaganda apparatus in the PRC has increasingly been using Confucian key words or notions – what I call Confu-talk – in its foreign policy. This Confu-talk constitutes both a tool for internal politics and foreign policy objectives, and forms part of a means to “review, maintain, improve,” to use Anne-Marie Brady’s characterization, in other words “adapt” the propaganda of the Chinese Party-state, by the exploitation of ancient principles with a strong cultural dimension.1 It is also part of the effort made by a more assertive China to “consolidate its pre-eminence” both at the hard and soft power level and lies at the base of the rush to establish Confucius Institutes all around the world since 2004.