chapter  Chapter Seven
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A-level Students and ICT

WithNeil Selwyn

Analysis of the interview data elicited a variety of influences on A-level students’ use of information and communications technology (ICT). There has traditionally been a reluctance among educationalists and the government alike to ‘contaminate’ the academic purity of the A-level with the notion of any cross-curricular core skill such as use. An over-riding reason for the marginalisation of ICT in the minds of staff and students was the sole focusing of the A-level courses on the final examination grade. Aside from the irrelevance of ICT to students’ current situation, many were already confident of their capacity to deal with any future need for ICT. School-based staff involved with ICT provision seemed even more alarmed by the prospect of compulsory A-level ICT delivery. When talking to the A-level students studying in the three colleges who were already running ICT ‘key skills’ courses, it was also apparent how many seemed to be resisting, rather than immersing themselves into, these courses.