chapter  Chapter Eight
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Exploring Accountancy Undergraduates’ Use of ICT

WithNeil Selwyn

This chapter explores the perspective of the individual student when discussing the use of technology is paramount to beginning to understand the nature of information and communications technology (ICT) in higher educational settings. It examines how undergraduate students, as the ultimate ‘end-users’ of educational technology in higher education teaching, conceptualise the use of educational computing; thereby exploring the varying rationales for either engaging or not with ICT during their time in university. Students first rationalised their use of ICT in terms of the relevance and utility it had to their present situation, which they tended to see in terms of their various modes of assessment. Aside from students’ immediate priorities with examination and coursework performance, a deferred concern with passing the course and achieving a satisfactory degree classification also figured in justifying their present levels of contact with ICT. The chapter focuses on accounting students’ expressed rationales for maintaining only low levels of engagement with ICT.