chapter  15
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The utilization of learning objectives - a behavioural approach

ByL. B. Curzon

AIMS, GOALS AND OBJECTIVES A perusal of many of the texts relating to learning objectives (or, as they are alternatively named, behavioural or performance objectives) indicates that there is now a standardized nomenclature which differentiates sharply the three concepts of aims, goals and objectives. 1 Aims are general statements representing ideals or aspirations. Thus, the

Schools Council defined the aim of humanities teaching as 'to forward understanding, discrimination and judgement in the human field'. The Business and Technician Education Council (BTEC) described its fundamental aim as ensuring 'that students on BTEC courses develop the necessary competence in their careers in their own, employers' and the national interest'. The National Research Council (USA), in its 1989 reportl on mathematics education, hoped to achieve the aims of 'making mathematics education significant for all Americans' and 'improving significantly students' mathematical achievement'.