chapter  5
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ByEugenio Barba

Faustus has one hour to live before his martyrdom of hell and eternal damnation. He invites his friends to a last supper, a public confession where he offers them episodes from his life as Christ offered his body and blood. Faustus welcomes his guests - the audience - as they arrive and asks them to sit at two long tables on the side of the room. Faustus takes his place at a third, smaller table like the prior in a refectory. The feeling is that of a medieval monastery, and the story apparently concerns only monks and their guests. This is the underlying archetype of the text. Faustus and the other characters are dressed in the habits of different orders. Faustus is in white; Mephistopheles is in black, played simultaneously by a man and a woman; other characters are dressed as Franciscans. There are also two actors seated at the tables with the audience, dressed in everyday clothes. More about them later.