chapter  24
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The Vigil [Czuwanie]

ByFrancois Kahn

Czuwanie [The Vigil], a project directed by Jacek Zmyslowski (on which I worked from the spring of 1977 in Poland until its final development in the winter of 1981/82 in New York) is a work that has disappeared together with its creator. The few analyses and testimonials dedicated to it cannot, by reason of their small number, reflect the great importance this work had for those who, either closely or from a distance, have followed the research of the Teatr Laboratorium. To remedy this lack partially and to attempt to clarify this essential phase of the Laboratory Theatre, I refer to two sources: on one hand to the conference Jerzy Grotowski dedicated to Czuwanie at Hunter College, New York, in May 1981, and on the other to the interview with the members of the guide group of Czuwanie (and in particular Zmyslowski) made in Milan in 1979 by Andre Gregory for the documentary directed by Mercedes Gregory and produced by Atlas Theatre Company. To simplify this article and to avoid repetition, I made a montage of these two texts, numbering the citations (1) for Grotowski and (2) for Zmyslowski.