chapter  25
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Laboratory Theatre/Grotowski/The

Jenna Kumiega

In December 1970, during a conference at New York University, Jerzy Grotowski made a definitive statement concerning his present position vis-a-vis theatre and the pursuit of art, the text of which has subsequently become known as "Holiday":

Despite distrust, disbelief, cymcism, and a general lack of comprehension, Grotowski was to repeat and expand this message in future public debate. Perfectly willing, as always in discussion, to participate in polemic concerning the Laboratory Theatre's former theatrical experiments, he was constantly at pains to emphasize that this was past history for them, a closed chapter. They were now concerned primarily with "the quest." The activity which encapsulated this quest became known as paratheatre: formally, this relates to an activity which has its roots in drama, but which specifically does not result in a theatrical presentation before an audience. The terms "spectator" and "actor" lose their divisive significance and both the action and the creation become a collective responsibility.