chapter  33
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Subjective Reflections on Objective Work

ByLisa Wolford

I participated in the Objective Drama program at the University of California-Irvine from 1989 through the conclusion of the program in 1992. Objective Drama is the term used by Jerzy Grotowski to designate the phase of his research begun in 1983, following his emigration to the United States. A 1984 "Research and Development Report" for the program describes Grotowski's focus:

"Objective," therefore, can be understood to designate a type of performative technique which has a determinable effect on the participant's state of energy, analogous to the objective impact of undegenerated ritual. "Drama," in this context, refers not only to the enactment of scripted material (though this is one important aspect of the work), but to the performative impulse in all its forms.