chapter  35
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Jerzy Grotowski's Divination Consultation: Objective Drama seminar at U.C.-Irvine J. Ndukaku Amankulor

Jerzy Grotowski's Objective Drama program is the next-to-latest phase of his personal search for meaning and philosophy in life through performance techniques. The project had its headquarters at the University of California-Irvine. On the evening of Tuesday, 17 May 1988, prominent theatre scholars and practitioners - mostly drawn from the California southland - were invited by Robert Cohen, chair of U.C.L's Drama Department, to what he called "a very special seminar on the progress of investigations of the Objective Drama program at Irvine and Art as vehicle in Pontedera, Italy."! This special seminar was to take place at the UCI Objective Drama Workspace, also called the UCI barn.