chapter  38
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Grotowski, Art as a Vehicle

ByPeter Brook

Nothing is as joyous as a paradox, and speaking about Grotowski and his work immediately places us in front of an immense paradox. Grotowski, as I have known him for more than twenty years, is a deeply simple man, who carries out research which is profoundly pure. How is it possible, then, that over the years, the result of this simplicity has been to create both complications and confusion? Through personal contact with his work I have gained an intimate knowledge of its value; a work initiated in Poland by an exceptional man in collaboration with a very small number of persons, which, thanks to the 20th-century systems of travel and communications, has passed very rapidly into the books, the reviews, the interviews and the work of small groups allover the world. Unfortunately, this ultra-rapid diffusion has not always gone through qualified people, and around the name of Grotowski - like a rolling stone - have come to attach themselves, to graft themselves, all kinds of confusions, excrescences and misunderstandings.