chapter  40
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Where is Gurutowski? HalinaFilipowicz

In 1986, Kazimierz Braun, a distinguished Polish director, confronted his readers in Poland and the United States with a compelling question: "Where is Grotowski?" (1986, 1986a).

It was not impossible to view Braun's essay as a planned provocation that disparaged Grotowski (see Burzynski 1989). Braun presented him, or so the argument went, as a has-been who left no trace in the collective cultural memory or the current theatre practice. It remains an open question why Braun felt it necessary at the time to indulge (in the English version of the article) in a political insinuation, or why he turned his reservations about misguided criticism into an attack (in the Polish version) on the "incompetence" of theatre scholarship. This is an issue that must be left, at least for the present, hanging.