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However, we must not confine ourselves to climatic influences only, and leave out what pertains to the soil: a very opportune thought, as it will save us much repetition! Is it a fact that in limestone countries the bony part of animals is excessively developed, whereas it is restricted in countries where there is little lime? This is an old belief, which still persists. Has walking on the flat had such a very clear influence over the many characteristic physical peculiarities which are noticed in Flanders amongst cattle and horses, as well as amongst men, such as an exaggerated development of the pelvis, breadth of buttocks, distance between the thighs due to the size of the pelvis as well as to the atrophy of the adductors, prominence and flaccidity of the abdomen, breadth and flatness of the outspread foot? Some have claimed that this is observable, and it has been emphatically stated by Baroux and Sergeant, the authors of a curious book on "Flemish bovine, equine, and human breeds in relation to walking on the flat". And the so-called "haughty Flemish look", is it not the normal way in which men of a flat country carry their heads so that they can freely scrutinize the horizon

without being absorbed, like the mountaineer, in the irregularities of the ground, which he must watch carefully?