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SOME excellent treatises on towns, written by geographers,

SOME excellent treatises on towns, written by geographers, have appeared in France during the last few years. We

shall have to return shortly to the conclusions arrived at in these treatises. But there have also appeared-generally outside France, and particularly in Germany-studies of groups, whose authors propose to class and catalogue towns, to divide them up into genera and species, and to group them according to their geographical types. Some of these authors, like Ratzel, whom they all follow,1 based their work on the situation, others on the plan, others again on the aspect, the m\l.terials, the shape, and the external appearance of the houses and buildings of the place. 2 Lists have been made, divided into families, arranged in categories and types. It is a great work, amusing at times in its results-at any rate, in its manner; its utility is unquestionable, provided its authors recognize that it is provisional and that they avoid certain rash generalizations.