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There is an enormous amount of work to be accomplished both in research and hard thinking. Much work must be done in physical geography in the first place, for everything depends on that. How can we argue about the relations which may exist between such and such a climate or surface modelling, and such and such a mode of grouping, of activity in a human society whether in a particular region or in the world at large, if, for one thing, this or that fact of climate or relief has not been minutely isolated, defined, and studied in all its aspects, not by climatologists or geologists, but by geographers, according to methods proper to geography and for ends that are definitely and uniquely geographical? But this work of investigation of the physical universe by geographers is still only in its infancy. What is thirty years of useful labour, when we think of the immensity of the work to be accomplished? Moreover, whole districts and enormous stretches of territory continue to evade the grasp of our scientific instruments. There are lands without laboratories, meteorological stations, or means of easy access, with no maps, which a sparse network of scientific

reconnaissance and exploration is only just beginning to cover; and these are precisely the countries where, according to a theory which demands constant interpretation, as we have seen, the examination of the relations between the natural environment and human society would be, in a certain sense, both easy and profitable.