chapter  Chapter 12
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Paradise Reconsidered

Hélène Cixous and the Bible’s Other Voice
WithCharlotte A. Berkowitz

The echo subtly link suggests that the text, too, is de-centred and that it is not only difficult to access but implicated in revealing the name according to an other logic of meaning, an uncanny logic that exceeds the limits of Paternal discourse. This logic, as the preceding reading has attempted to demonstrate, is the key that reciprocally unlocks the gate to the knowledge of eternal interconnection represented by the tree of life. This is the paradise Cixous’s work facilitates finding: the internal ‘good and large land flowing with milk and honey’. Cixous was born just prior to the outbreak of the Second World War to a Jewish family living in French-occupied Algeria. Cixous explains the first of these insights in terms of common logic: the meaninglessness of the Law is revealed in the incomprehensibility of the prohibition of the fruit.