chapter  Chapter 13
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Religion in the Fiction of Monique Wittig

WithErika Ostrovsky

The Lesbian Body invites comparison with the Song of Songs and thus the Hebrew Bible, fundamental in Judeo-Christian religion and part of its male-dominated tradition. Passages Such as these in the fiction of Monique Wittig, although probably the most arresting examples, are by no means isolated or atypical instances of her treatment of religion. Aside from such subversion, Wittig elevates goddesses from various other religions. In the sequences devoted to Isis and Osiris, Wittig accomplishes such intricate interweaving and establishes so many cross-references that a number of divinities are united and even superimposed, suggesting that they are one and the same. One of the methods for achieving this is to mix various genres or, as ‘Manastabal’ says to ‘Wittig’, through a ‘confusion of styles is sometimes quite barbaric’. An example of such fusion can be seen when ‘Wittig’ acts as if she were in a cowboy movie during one of the visits to Hell.