chapter  Chapter 1
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Women and Spirituality in the Writings of Luce Irigaray2

WithMarie-Andrée Roy

Men and women are thus invited to ‘the remodelling of our culture so as to reconcile the reigns of women with patriarchal history. Female genealogies are defined as cultural filiations that link women with their spiritual mothers — these female figures who are so significant as references in the construction of female identity. Irigaray also questions the Christian Eucharist, the patriarchal character of which excludes and effaces women in a number of ways. Irigaray’s writings have helped to advance current understandings of the difference between men and women. One of Irigaray’s meaningful contributions is to have established that women need a representation of the divine in order to figure the perfection of their subjectivity. Further, she has demonstrated how the absence of this representation limits the development of women’s sexed identity.