chapter  13
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Some Aesthetic Theories of Mr Richards 1927

WithE. Helen Knight

This chapter considers the aesthetics as distinguished from psychology and philosophy. It discusses few parts, each of which deals with a different thesis maintained by Mr I. A. Richards in his Principles of Literary Criticism. The chapter offers a few points with regard to communication, and preface them with the remark that this subject should come under the heading 'The Psychology of Aesthetic Experience'. According to Mr Richards, is valuable not because it is a unique experience: its value is moral. The important distinction which Mr Richards draws between the two uses of language belongs to 'The Psychology of Aesthetic Experience' for it is equivalent to the distinction between the communication of a judgement and the communication of an experience. The critic may either give a bare analysis, or communicate his own aesthetic experience. It is very important; one would like to add, that the experiences caused by bad art should be described.