chapter  17
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Poetry in the Laboratory 1929

WithAllen Tate

The delicacy of feeling and attention necessary to the intelligent reading of poetry is so great that Mr Richards concludes, from his 'protocols', that more than four poems in one week would be many for an educated person thoroughly to understand. Neither Mr T. S. Eliot nor Mr Hart Crane has ever written a poem remotely comparable in difficulty to Lycidas. In Lycidas the four aspects are intermingled and fused in a complex pattern that challenge indefinitely the act of final interpretation; while a typical poem by Mr Eliot 'Gerontion'. The poetic order as an agency, in 1600, was not distinct from the social and moral order in the larger sense may be inferred which believe from the quality of Elizabethan criticism. Criticism is a superstition to which some currency has been given in the United States through the invention, by Mr Louis Untermeyer, of a school of 'cerebralism', and in England, one supposes, through the pages of the Times.