chapter  25
24 Pages

I. A. Richards’ Psychology of Poetry 1931

WithMax Eastman

An eminent place among books on literary criticism of recent years is occupied by those of I. A. Richards of Cambridge University. Professor Richards' first considerable work, written in collaboration with C. K. Ogden, was an attempt to simplify the logic of science and clarify its language by eliminating all the elements. A sensation of yellow-and-black which means bitter taste is one which has been experienced in the same context with bitter taste in the past. A bitter taste is the cause of its meaning, and a bitter taste is also what it means. A pseudo-statement is a form of words which is justified entirely by its effect in releasing or organizing our impulses and attitudes. In The Meaning of Meaning, he and Mr Ogden merely offered a brief sweeping of the chaff to be found in the old-time grammars and books of rhetoric on Practical Criticism.