chapter  27
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Reply to I. A. Richards’ ‘Notes on the Practice of Interpretation’ 1931

WithMontgomery Belgion

Mr I. A. Richards seeks to correct what he alleges was author's misrepresentation of him in the paper of 'What is Criticism' which he did him the honour of publishing in his October number. Richards declares that author's statement, 'The emotion obtainable from a poem is to be found in the poem and nowhere else', is 'either a tautology or very disputable'. He examines both Principles of Literary Criticism and Science and Poetry, and have been led to modify with its inclusion in a volume which the Oxford University Press is preparing to bring out under the title of The Human Parrot. To him Mr Richards is at once an extremely stimulating and a somewhat obscure writer. The main point at issue between Mr Richards and myself is that he would have the world accept the theory that the reading or 'interpretation' of poetry can be made a substitute for the holding of religious and other fundamental beliefs.