chapter  28
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Mencius 1932

WithG. Lowes Dickinson

Mencius was a contemporary of Aristotle, and nothing could bring more vividly before us the difference between the Chinese mind and the Greek. The Greeks of the sixth to the fourth century BC had discovered science. Religion and ethics have been, up to our own time, the main pre-occupation of their sages; and ethics has meant social ethics. The book on Confucianism by Mr Hsu is perhaps a crucial test of Mr I. A. Richards' thesis. Poetry covers lessons in psychology, sociology, political science, and natural science. It explains the nature of mind, society, government, and the nature of organic and inorganic matters. Thorough knowledge of these factors that are mind, society, government and nature is important to all who prepare themselves for public service. The Chinese language has lately been re-made by the labour of Chinese scholars, and multiple definition process may have made it the more ambiguous.