chapter  38
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Comments On ‘Fifteen Lines From Landor’ 1933

WithBonamy Dobree

This chapter discusses the comments on 'Fifteen Lines from Landor' 1933, which is referred as a serious experiment by I A Richards. Mr. Bonamy Dobree there points out that Dr Richards deliberately made a puzzle for his students by omitting to inform them what Landor was talking about. Dobree offers a few comments on the remarks that have been made by Dr Richards and by M. Mauron on the snippet extracted from Landor's Gebir. M. Mauron can easily be excused for falling into the trap Dr Richards had laid for him; by referring to the extract as 'a poem' he shows that he thought the lines were meant to be a complete poem. Very few Englishmen have read Gebir; it would be matter for great wonder if M. Mauron had. As for reading history and faith and a whole bundle of metaphysical grandiosities into it, that is to go clean contrary to the whole of Landor's poetic beliefs and practice.