chapter  40
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Review of Mencius on the Mind 1934

WithR. D. Jameson

Dr I. A. Richard's book Mencius on the Mind is an original and a highly significant attempt to build up a technique for cultural analysis. In a sense Dr Richards takes Mencius as an example with which to demonstrate his ideas of linguistic analysis, translation, interpretation and parallel definition. Dr Richards examines the general questions and purposes of Mencius and in the third the view of mind 'which thus conjecturally emerges'. Ably assisted by the Chinese sinologues, L. T. Hwang, A. C. Li and Lucius Porter, Dr Richards undertook the examination of central passages from Mencius. The 'Types of Utterance in Mencius', Dr Richard's method has been to examine and analyze Mencius argument from the point of view of Western logic and then to 'step back to consider whether this point of view is one from which the purpose and nature of the discussion can be seen'.