chapter  4
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Danièle Kintz Formal Men, Informal Women: How the Fulani Support Their Anthropologists

Fulani societies,1 spread as they are throughout the Sahel from Mauretania and Senegal to Sudan, and also in all the coastal countries of West Africa as well as in part of Central Africa, are similar but different, showing a strong unity but no uniformity. It is as if certain Fulani groups but not all of them – that would be too simple – had decided to help their anthropologists, who would be otherwise be lost, by proposing to them a model of Fulani society set out clearly, perfectly visible, including also an explanatory notice for those who would like to investigate the functioning of the model. To make things even clearer, it is the men – who have a look quite different from that of the women, admitting of no error – who present the model and the women who provide the notice.